"Winning People to Christ"

Though we may not all be Billy Graham's, able to preach to millions, we can all reach one person at a time. We are called to "preach the gospel to all creatures everywhere." Here are five ways to share Christ with those we meet everyday!

Sharing Christ With Your Testimony

We may not know much about the Bible or Theology, but all of us are experts in our own lives. Although people may not be interested in hearing what we have done for God, they are interested in hearing what God has done for us! Our Testimony is the story of what Christ has done in our lives! Use the following outline to share your Testimony.

1. Your Life Before Christ: Share specifically about an area of your life in which Christ changed you. Resist the temptation to dwell on how bad you were.

2. How You Came to Know Christ: Explain clearly how you heard about Christ, and how you made the decision to trust in Him for forgiveness. This will help the person you are sharing with hear a clear presentation of how to know Christ in your Testimony!

3. Your Life After Receiving Christ: Share how Christ changed you in the area of your life mentioned above.

Sharing Our Faith with Pictures

The Gospel can be quickly and easily drawn using simple stick pictures. After completing the pictures, use the final one to illustrate how we must choose to come to God through faith in Jesus Christ who is the bridge. This is an excellent way to share Christ with children!

Sharing Our Faith After a Presentation

After having your friend read, see or hear a Gospel presentation through a booklet, video, drama, movie, tape, etc., use the following four questions to introduce the Gospel.

1. What did you think about the (booklet, video, concert, etc.)?

2. Did it make sense to you?

3. Have you ever trusted Christ to forgive your sins as presented by the (booklet, video, drama, concert, etc.)?

If your friend answers "No", ask ...

4. You would like to wouldn’t you? If your friend answers "Yes", lead them in prayer to receive Christ.

Sharing Our Faith With a Booklet

There are a wide variety of booklets available, but each contains the same message ~ How to Find Eternal Life in Jesus Christ. Described below is a method developed by Campus Crusade for Christ.

1. Hold the booklet steady between both of you. Make sure the person you are sharing with is able to see the pages easily.

2. Maintain the person’s attention by pointing to relevant words or illustrations as you read. Sometimes it helps to fold the pages back to ensure you are both on the same page.

3. Simply read through the booklet! Resist the temptation to add to the message of the Booklet. This often only confuses the person you are sharing with, and can lengthen the time needed considerably.

Sharing Our Faith With Prayer

Although many people are hesitant to talk about God, most people are happy to have you pray for them. This opens up a great opportunity to share Christ with others.

Offer to pray for the needs of friends, co-workers, acquaintances, neighbors, etc. Pray that God draws them to Himself and look for opportunities to share Christ with them as God provides.


1. Review each of the above ways to share your faith and practice each one.

2. Pray and ask God to show you people who need to hear about God’s forgiveness in Jesus Christ, then make a list of the names God brings to mind.

3. Pray for each person daily asking God to draw them to Himself.

4. Take advantage of every opportunity God gives you and share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

5. Be available to share with people you meet through the day. You never know when God has set up a Divine appointment for you to share with someone!

6. Always remember that it is God who brings people to Himself ~ not our techniques or charm. Be continually filled with God’s Spirit and expect God to use you!