Personal Discipleship

If you decide to personally disciple individuals, pay close attention to whom you select. You will be investing much of your time in those you disciple, with the hope that they will go on to Win, Build and Send others! The chance of this occurring depends in large part on whom you select.

Use your Follow Up time with the person to help you determine the readiness of that person for discipleship. Disciple those who display three key qualities: A Heart for God, a Teachable Attitude and Availability. There must be a desire to glorify God, a desire to learn from God and a willingness to take the time and make Discipleship a priority.

When you have found someone that possess the three qualities, meet together and work through the lessons in Discipleship Study Books Two and Three. Always keep the Vision of Winning, Building and Sending others for Christ before your disciple!

Encourage your disciple to share Christ with family, friends, fellow students or co-workers. (The most effective time for people to bring others to Christ is often right after they have come to know Him.) Together, follow up anyone who comes to Christ and pray for God to raise up someone for your disciple to also disciple. Again, the purpose of Discipleship is to Win, Build and Send people in order to Win, Build and Send others!

After completing Discipleship Study Three, continue to meet with your disciples in an ongoing Discipleship Group with others you are discipling where they can encourage each other in their Walk with Christ, and motivate one another in their service for Christ. And remember, always keep the Vision of Winning, Building and Sending before the group!