Immediate Follow-Up:

1. Print two copies of Discipleship Study One (down load free from and cover all the lessons together. If at all possible, schedule to meet people who have personally come to know Christ within 48 hours. Remember, Satan is there to steal God’s Word from the young Believer. Therefore, we must be there to encourage that Believer to trust Christ. Mark 4:13-15

2. Invite the person to your Church and encourage faithful attendance. Surround him with Christians who love God and are walking by His Spirit!

3. Challenge the young Believer at the conclusion of the final lesson on Spiritual Multiplication, to commit his/her life to “Winning, Building and Sending” people for Christ. If the new Believer has led someone to Christ, encourage him to follow that person up on their own doing by doing what you did with him.

4. Spend time with those you follow up. Your impact in anyone’s life is directly related to your relationship with that person! Remember, Discipleship is not Informing others, it’s infecting others with Christ in you ... and the closer you are to anyone, the greater the chance they will catch the real disease!

5. If you or the person you are seeking to follow up cannot meet together, give him/her a copy of the Discipleship Study Book 1 or the Discipleship CD to study on their own.

6. Pray continuously for those you follow up. We may teach and encourage those we follow up, but only God can cause them to grow!