How You Can Help

Since 2002, The Discipleship Ministry has been offering Christians worldwide free access to Discipleship and Bible Study material. Thousands of Believers and Christian ministries from more than 130 countries have used these studies to 'win, build and send' others for Christ.

I have received hundreds of email from every corner of the world telling me how God is reaching many more through their discipleship ministries. As a former missionary, I know that the best people to reach any country for Christ are those who are from that country. They already know the language, the culture and the people!

The creation of the world wide internet, and the proliferation of personal computers and printers, have given us a unique opportunity to disciple Christians in countries we may never visit, and where preaching the Gospel is done at great personal risk and sacrifice. God is allowing us to equip Christians throughout the world to reach their own countries for Christ!

Now I am hoping to provide a CD containing all of the studies free to Christians who will make copies and distribute them freely to still others.

Would you join me by praying that Christians world wide would use these materials for God's Glory to increase His Kingdom?