Building and Sending People for Christ”

In the Great Commission, Jesus Christ commanded us to “make disciples of all nations”. But in order to make disciples, we must ask ourselves this question, “Do I really care?” Discipleship is more than just informing people about Christ, it is infecting them with His Life! It is infecting them with our love for God and our zeal to glorify Him in the world!

As we invest our lives discipling others, we will be making an eternal impact in their lives. The following principles will help launch you into a lifetime of ?Winning, Building and Sending? people for Christ!

Follow-Up All Who Receive Christ!

Discipleship begins by providing Follow-Up to every new Christian within 48 hours of coming to Christ, and to all Christians who have never learned the Basics of Christian Living.

Disciple All Who Desire to Live for Christ!

Discipleship is the process of reproducing Christ's Life in You into the life of another. (1 Corinthians 11:1) Note that you cannot impart a life of discipleship to another if you do not have one yourself! Discipleship always starts with the discipler! Luke 6:39-40.

Discipleship can be done either Person to Person or in Groups.