Discipleship Lessons

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Free Lessons to Download!

Practical Discipleship: (13k) ~ How to disciple others for Christ!

Discipleship Through The Church: (40k) ~ Developing a discipleship ministry in your church.

Spiritual Revival: (45k) ~ God's conditions for revival.

Revised Lessons by Janell:

1.   God's Assurance Revised ~ how to be certain you have eternal life.

2. God's Forgiveness Revised ~ how to know your sins are forgiven.

3. God's Word Revised ~ why we should study the Bible.

4. Prayer Revised ~ why we should converse with God.

5. Spiritual Fruitfulness Revised ~ understanding spiritual fruitfulness.

6. Spiritual Fulfillment Revised ~ God's way to a personal fulfillment.

7. Spiritual Relationships Revised ~ relating to those in our lives.

8. Spiritual Warfare Revised ~ defeating the devil and his schemes.

9. JESUS: Our Spiritual Example Revised ~ the goal of spiritual living.

1. Spiritual Growth: Basic Principles designed to equip Christians for a lifetime of spiritual growth. Excellent for personal study, discipleship or e-mailing to a friend!

1. God's Assurance ~ how to be certain you have eternal life.

2. God's Forgiveness ~ how to know your sins are forgiven.

3. God's Power ~ how to live in the Spirit.

4. Fellowship ~ why we should meet with other believers.

5. Prayer ~ why we should converse with God.

6. The Word ~ why we should study the Bible.

7. Witnessing ~ how to share your faith with others.

8. Spiritual Multiplication ~ how to reach this world for Christ.

2. Spiritual Life: Spiritual Principles to help Christians live the spiritual life.

1. Spiritual Living ~ understanding the spiritual life.

2. Spiritual Fruitfulness ~ understanding spiritual fruitfulness.

3. Spiritual Fulfillment ~ God's way to a personal fulfillment.

4. Spiritual Warfare ~ defeating the devil and his schemes.

5. Spiritual Freedom ~ overcoming the things that bind us spiritually.

6. Spiritual Direction ~ discerning God's will for your life.

7. Spiritual Relationships ~ relating to those in our lives.

8. JESUS: Our Spiritual Model ~ the goal of spiritual living.

3. Bible Study Methods: How to study the Bible.

1. Introduction to Bible Study ~ the basics of Bible study.

2. Get the Big Picture! ~ how to observe Scripture as a whole.

3. "Just the facts Ma'am" ~ what specific things to look for.

4. Rules to Interpret By ~ principles for biblical interpretation.

5. That's Not What I Meant! ~ how to interpret Scripture.

6. So What? ~ how to apply Scripture to our lives.

7. Book, Character & Topical Studies ~ various ways to study the Scriptures.

8. It's Not What You Know ... ~ how to teach the Bible to others.

4. Spiritual Discipleship: Being Completely Devoted to Christ

1. Live in the Spirit

2. Live in the Truth

3. Live by Faith

4. Live in Hope

5. Live in Love

6. Live for the Kingdom of God

7. Live for the Eternal

8. Live for the Glory of God

5. Discipleship Principles

1. The Discipler

2. The Discipler's Call

3. The Discipler's Ministry

4. The Disciples

5. The Goal

6. The Process

7. The Cost

8. The Eternal View

Theology: The Nature and Attributes of God

1. The Eternal God

2. The Unity of God

3. The Self Existence of God

4. God is Holy

5. God is Love

6. God's Sovereignty

9. God's Righteousness

10. God's Grace

11. God's Mercy

12. God's Veracity

13. God's Immutability

14. God's Patience

15. God's Omnipresence

16. God's Omnipotence

17. God's Benevolence

18. God's Wrath

19. Knowing God

20. Worshipping God

Doctrine ~ the Basic Teachings of the Bible

1. The Bible

2. God

The Ten Commandments ~ Rules to Live By

1. The First Commandment

2. The Second Commandment

3. The Third Commandment

4. The Fourth Commandment

5. The Fifth Commandment

6. The Sixth Commandment

7. The Seventh Commandment

8. The Eighth Commandment

9. The Ninth Commandment

10. The Tenth Commandment


1. Jesus: Reliable and Accurate

2. Jesus: His Coming Foretold

3. Jesus: His Words

4. Jesus: His Works

5. Jesus: His Death

6. Jesus: His Resurrection

7. Jesus: His Return

8. Jesus: The Son of God

Spiritual Warfare

1. Know the Situation

2. Know Your Enemy: The Devil!

3. Know Your Enemy: The World!

4. Know Your Enemy: The Sin Nature!

5. Know Your Enemy's Strategy!

6. Know Your Defense!

7. Know Your Offense!

8. Know Your God!